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Nintendo DSi, DS or DS Lite

You can listen to audio and view video eBooks on your DS

In case you're not sure how to load MP3 or MP4 (H.264) video files to your DS, we've included instructions below:

Downlaod the ebook you want from our iPREPpress store.

Add either MP3 audio files or  MP4 (H.264) video files to your DSi.

Play your audio or video eBook like you would any music or video.


How to add audio or video to your DSi, DS or DS Lite

The audio and video files you download from iPREPpress are zipped files that end in extension ".zip". For example, the file may be named something like "1984 zip file.zip ."

On PCs, you can usually double click on the zipped folder and then extract and save the files to your computer hard drive. If not, use a program like WinZip or any other available unzip programs. Remember where you save these files on your hard disk.

For Macs, there is a free program called Betterzip. Click to download it.

Once you've unzipped the file listed above, you will find a folder named something like "1984 Study Guide." That's the folder you'll be saving to your SD card for your DSi.

To play MP3 audio or MP4 videos on your DSi, DS or DS Lite, we recommend that you purchase the iPlayer cart. It turns your DSi into a media player. You can play our audio or video ebooks using this player. It's available through many on-line retailers.

Watch the video below to learn more.



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